Friday, April 8, 2016

Time to kick the season Off!

It's time to kick the season off!


After a big season with three Ironman's and finishing my last race December 5th at 70.3 Bahrain, I went into complete shutdown mode for December.  Having validated for Kona 2016 and having enough points I was qualified going into the offseason.  So I got fat in three weeks!  Well, as fat as I could in three weeks in order to get my body rehabilitated from my first year of racing Ironman's with a total of four in 12 months.  As a result I didn't want to rush my start to the 2016 season so I pushed back racing a couple of times and moved my annual winter training camp on Maui a few weeks later.  After a great block on Maui I got all cylinder's firing and I am set to test the body with a great effort here at Ironman 70.3 Texas.  Coach Lance and I went back to some speed work on the run after 12 months of slower paced Ironman training to get the leg speed up again.  We even hit the track in Victoria with the young development ITU guys that coach Carolyn Murray has been training.  It was fun and tough getting my but whipped into shape by the young kids, but it will be nice to have that under my belt going into the first 70.3's of the season.  I feel strong and ready for the season and the challenges that lay ahead. 


I'll be racing in the Bahrain Endurance 13 colours again this year with the big S of Specialized as well, but the suits got a new custom look thanks to Sugoi Custom Apparel, so keep an eye out.  I'll be running some new fuel in my Nathan fuel belt thanks to a new Canadian partnership with PhD Nutrition.  I'll again be swimming, riding and running with these same great partners as well, Aquasphere, Sram, Zipp, Quarg, Compressport, Lifesport, Synergy Health, Sportstats and Oakley.


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