Monday, May 25, 2015

Off to Ironman Brazil

I am all checked in, bags all the way through to Florianopolis and on route. Now just four flights and 25hrs of travel to go! I had a short swim this morning to get the blood flowing before spending the next day on the plane. I am looking forward to the trip though and excited to get to Florianopolis and check out a new part of Brazil.

Training finished up well this past Friday and I had some great workouts over the 10day block after St George. I feel I will be ready to roll after a nice rest and some tune up workouts. I know I have the speed and race sharpness as shown from St George and I now have the 5hr bike legs and marathon rhythm engrained from the last block.

It was a challenging block with almost 600 km's of cycling and 110km's of running. However, those are just the challenges you need to prepare mentally and physically for an Ironman. I am excited for another Ironman challenge and I am approaching it with the same attention to detail but relaxed demeanour as I did for Ironman Arizona.

With the support from all my great partners I feel ready and prepared to race for the win.

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