Monday, September 1, 2014

Once home from the Philippine 70.3 I put my head down to get the last block of training done for Tremblant.

I had a really smooth trip over to the Philippines from Maui training camp and settled in to the time zone easily. I had a great prep camp so I felt very ready to race well.

It was a smaller field so the swim went smoothly and I settled in to a group of four guys at the front. We stayed together throughout the bike with only one guy falling off with a puncture. Myself and two young Aussies entered transition two with four minutes to the next guy.

I had adapted well to the heat after 12 days in very hot and humid weather in Maui, so I knew I had the edge on the Aussies going onto the run. With my typical fast transition I exited with a 15 second lead and I set a comfortable pace knowing the heat would play a factor in the second half of the run.

I stayed calm and cool all through the run and continued to put more and more time on the entire field. I paced the run perfectly and even with stopping for ice and water at aid station on the second lap I was only 30 seconds slower. So it was a perfectly controlled run in which I had the fastest run by over 6 minutes and came across the finish line with my third win in a row and an 8 minute lead.

My return home was smooth as well and I set to a fast recovery and then back to training.

The last three weeks of training have gone extremely well and have included some best times on the run and some great swims and bikes.

I am now en route to Mont Tremblant with Carolyn and my coach Lance as my support group. I feel as prepared as I can be and in the best shape of the season heading into this years World Championships.

I am really looking forward to the race and thank you for the support through the season and helping me arrive at this point so well prepared.

Post worlds I will be doing my first Ironman and have still to determine which one. However, I am leaning towards doing Lake Tahoe September 21st. I feel I will recover well from Tremblant and will be in great shape for a longer effort in Tahoe.

Cheers and I look forward to updating you after the race this weekend.

Brent McMahon
@tribrentmcmahon on Twitter

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