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Hmmm something about this race briefing seems familiar.

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Hmmm sabotage or aiding carbo loading?

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I think coach is sabotaging my Ironman! :)

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Mont Tremblant Worlds and what's next!


Mont Tremblant World Championships have now come and gone and I have had time to digest my race and I am now looking forward.  After a great season of really strong swim, bikes and runs I went into this weekend feeling strong and confident.  I had been dealing with a bit of a sensitive low back issue but felt pretty good about where it was.  I knew I had all the strength and speed in all three sports to get onto the podium this year and I was going to make sure I put myself in a position to achieve that.


I had a great start in the swim next to Javier Gomez and got onto a good group and by halfway through the swim I was in the front group of 8 swimmers.  I felt strong but worked hard to maintain my position till the swim exit.  Out of the water in 6th I ran swiftly through the 500m run to T1 and with a quick transition I got onto the bike in 4th. 


The weather had turned cold the previous day and so we mounted our bikes in 10C weather and I was riding with a fleece beanie to try and keep heat in.  As I powered through the opening kilometers of the bike in the cold air my back started to tighten and I tried to focus on maintaining power and establishing myself in the now forming front group of 8-10 guys.  As we worked through the first 10km of rolling hills I began to really struggle to find rhythm and any power to ride with the group.  As we turned onto the highway at 10kms I had already fallen off the group despite putting every ounce of effort into the pedals.  I was trying very hard but I was just unable to apply any power to the pedals.  As guys one at a time rode by me I was riding at a power I normally do for 3hr base rides.  It was so frustrating to be watching guys I have ridden with and beat before just ride away.  I finally settled into a group where I could maintain a reasonable pace but I continued to lose time.  I struggled through the last kilometers of the bike and moved myself to the front of the group for a quick transition and see how much I could make up on the run. 


My running had been going very well coming into the race and I had done a lot of work on running off tired legs.  So although I had a terrible ride, and my     back and  quads were tight I pushed myself to go after the run and any places ahead.  I struggled the first 4km of the run but at the far turnaround at 5km, I had loosened up and found my stride.  I was back in 24th place starting and I pushed as hard as I could for the remaining 16km.  I caught one guy at a time and picked off my last spot with 1500m to go pulling myself into 14th place by the finish.


I felt so prepared and relaxed going into this race and saw myself on the podium at the end of the day.  However, the conditions and my body had alternate plans I was disappointed to not be able to perform at my potential but I dealt with what I had and gutted out a really solid run.  I will have to wait till next year now to get that podium at 70.3 World Championships.


Moving forward, I am currently in Lake Tahoe and very excited to be doing my first Ironman this coming weekend.  I decided to move up my "fall" Ironman I had been planning to this weekend as I am really fit from my preparation for Tremblant, but this is also a very challenging course with lots of hills on the bike and a starting elevation of 6200ft.  I am excited for the challenge of my first Ironman and I am not sure how it will all go.  I have been mentally preparing for every situation but at the end of the day, I am looking for a great learning experience as I move to Kona Ironman World Championships being my main focus next year.


I spent 24hrs at home after Mont Tremblant before heading here to Lake Tahoe so I could acclimate to the altitude and learn the course.  I am feeling recovered from last weekend's race and looking forward to the race and challenges that will come this weekend.


I look forward to telling you all about my first Ironman experience. swim birthday haircut! Found my Tahoe Barber just like St George!

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A nice pre race private swim here in Lake Tahoe...#roughenvironment

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Once home from the Philippine 70.3 I put my head down to get the last block of training done for Tremblant.

I had a really smooth trip over to the Philippines from Maui training camp and settled in to the time zone easily. I had a great prep camp so I felt very ready to race well.

It was a smaller field so the swim went smoothly and I settled in to a group of four guys at the front. We stayed together throughout the bike with only one guy falling off with a puncture. Myself and two young Aussies entered transition two with four minutes to the next guy.

I had adapted well to the heat after 12 days in very hot and humid weather in Maui, so I knew I had the edge on the Aussies going onto the run. With my typical fast transition I exited with a 15 second lead and I set a comfortable pace knowing the heat would play a factor in the second half of the run.

I stayed calm and cool all through the run and continued to put more and more time on the entire field. I paced the run perfectly and even with stopping for ice and water at aid station on the second lap I was only 30 seconds slower. So it was a perfectly controlled run in which I had the fastest run by over 6 minutes and came across the finish line with my third win in a row and an 8 minute lead.

My return home was smooth as well and I set to a fast recovery and then back to training.

The last three weeks of training have gone extremely well and have included some best times on the run and some great swims and bikes.

I am now en route to Mont Tremblant with Carolyn and my coach Lance as my support group. I feel as prepared as I can be and in the best shape of the season heading into this years World Championships.

I am really looking forward to the race and thank you for the support through the season and helping me arrive at this point so well prepared.

Post worlds I will be doing my first Ironman and have still to determine which one. However, I am leaning towards doing Lake Tahoe September 21st. I feel I will recover well from Tremblant and will be in great shape for a longer effort in Tahoe.

Cheers and I look forward to updating you after the race this weekend.

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