Thursday, November 8, 2012

End of season!

It has finally arrived! Two weekends ago was the very last triathlon of the 2012 season. I am just now settling in to the realization that I don't have another race effort to prepare for. I can sit back and enjoy some time off.

I rounded out my season with the Maui Xterra World Championships in Kapalua, HI. After a long fall of consecutive sicknesses I skipped the two additional races I had planned before Maui and just focused on getting as fit as I could. It had been four years since the last time I had raced an Xterra, so some mtn bike practice was needed. With that long of a break. I had lost a bit of feel for the effort needed on the mtn bike and what the strengths of the current main contenders were.

So I headed into the race a little blind but with the idea of having fun and putting out a good effort.

The swim went well and I was out with the lead group that were 1:30 behind the solo swimmer of Javier Gomez. Onto the bike I felt a little sluggish starting but on the main climbs around the 30min mark I started to hold strong. I rode well through the middle section and made up a couple spots and then lost one on the final stages of the 1hr 30min bike. I headed onto the run in 7th with a few guys ahead with a couple minutes. I ran hard through the mostly uphill first 5km and made up one position and a bunch of time. I got to within 45sec of 3rd place by the finish of the long decent and heading onto the final beach run. I tried to push and catch 5th place which was just 20sec ahead but the slightly shorter then 10km run wasn't enough territory to close. I had the second fastest run 5sec back of Javier Gomez the eventual winner so I left everything on the run course and 6th was good enough for me.

I was exhausted and satisfied with my finish as I lay on the grass in a sweaty, sandy and dirty heap. I eventually recovered and headed back to the hotel for a post race end of season Mojito with Carolyn and friends pool side.

Brent McMahon
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