Sunday, August 26, 2012

Many thanks to those that got me to London

Having reflected on my race and experience in London previously, I now want to thank all that were apart of it.  I am so fortunate and thankful to have had such awesome support from so many people both going in and coming out of the event.  It was a difficult and challenging journey but it was always made easier by those around me.  Without each component that each person contributed it would have been more difficult to achieve my goals.  I want to thank everyone and also show how many people are involved in getting an athlete to the Olympics and competing in there best form.


Carolyn, my parents, my brothers family and all my family were always there to encourage and support me no matter what was happening both mentally and physically during and after races and throughout the process. 


All my friends both in and out of sport that never stopped believing in me and kept the emails, tweets and facebook messages coming in all along the way before and after both good and bad races.  Those that stayed up or woke up for 3am to watch the race I commend you on your dedication J


My coach Lance Watson of 16 years who had unshakeable confidence in my abilities start to finish, period!


My swim coach Ron Jacks who has given me a new approach to swimming and excitement for it as well as best times.


My unbelievable therapy group that allowed me to perform at my best and injury free since beginning this journey:


Dr Jamie Grimes (Chiro/ART and Lead Therapist), Dr Tod Levins (Naturopath/Acupuncture) and Morton Dennis (Massage) at Synergy Health Management

Gibson and La Ray Brown (Massage, moral and comedic support)

Kim Ward (Massage)

Dr Steve Keeler (Doctor)

Paul McIntyre (Physio)   

Dr Rob Hasegawa (Chiro)

Bob Woodward (Orthotics)

Neal Goldberg (Cycling Orthotics and Analysis)

Marilyn Adams (Travel Team Physio)

Dr Charles Nelson (Surgeon)


My sponsors continued to provide me with the best products even during and despite the 18 months away from racing due to injury.  They gave me everything I needed to perform.  PowerBar, Blue Bikes, Aquasphere, Wolfe Subaru, Oakley, SRM, Sram, Base Performance, Lifesport Coaching, Synergy Health Management, Can Fund and Triathlon Canada

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