Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One More Qualifying Race

That is what the focus is on now.

I didn't get the race I was looking for in San Diego but my teammates pulled out some good ones, enough so Canada is now sitting with three spots. Simon has surpassed the Portuguese athlete to make us the eighth and last country with three spots. It is now a matter of seeing how Pereira of Portugal does in Madrid.

My swim bike in San Diego was solid and I was at the front of the race early and stayed out of trouble through the ride. I was at the front into transition and left in 3rd place. I built through the start and settled into a group with Simon, Kyle, two Aussies and a few others. I stayed there for a lap but my legs weren't feeling strong and as I went onto the second lap my stride weakened. My turnover was slow and I couldn't get on my toes to run fast. I gutted out what I could but there was just a little snap that was missing.

It was a good hard effort but not the leg speed I have had recently. I will be regrouping and sharpening up now as I feel quite good coming off the race. It was frustrating as always to not race the way I know I can.

The ball is in my court now and I have control over this third spot for the most part. Things look good and they are well within my grasp.

I head to Madrid next week for the final race of qualifying on the 27th of May.
Brent McMahon

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