Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big Smile

As I sit here on the last flight home to Victoria with a smile on my face, I
am so thankful.

For the last 24hrs I have been reading emails, facebook, twitter and text
messages congratulating me on achieving this goal of a third spot for
Canada. I have gone through the Olympic cycle three times now and each one
has been very different. They have all had there challenges and been full
of ups and downs. This cycle was the most daunting as I had to not only
play catch up but also gain back the confidence I needed after 18 months off
racing. With the support of TriCanada, my coach Lance Watson, Carolyn,
family, friends and sports therapy group I have been able to overcome all
the hurdles and now am healthy and ready to prepare for London. This is the
single most significant difference of all these Olympic cycles. I am at the
end of qualify in a mentally and physically very strong place. I am ready
to put in a great training and preparation block to be at my career best for
the Olympics. I was injured for Athens and not selected for the team in
Beijing, but both have given me so much to learn from and I have gained
strength through those experiences.

I am so looking forward to these next 80 days till the most important and
anticipated day of my career!

Thank you to all again that have helped me get here mentally and physically,
there are too many to list but each one of you knows the impact you have
made on me.


London, August 7th, 2012

Brent McMahon

@tribrentmcmahon on Twitter

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