Sunday, January 15, 2012

Season opener a success

Very happy with today, obviously getting the win would have been better but we are in a chess game right now and I think we played it all right. We had to watch the Americans and I didn't want to burn any matches chasing Butterfield down and risk having Huerta beat me. Butterfield isn't a concern and I new if I stayed with the other contenders on the run I could have a strong run and beat them.

My prep for this was great, Lance and I decided to go to Maui for a two week prep camp and I think it paid off. I felt strong swim bike run and solid on the hot temperatures. This time of year it is hard to get the speed going on the run as it is so early, but I think Lance and I did a great job. It was a late long last season but a I feel fresh and strong. So it is time to dial back a notch and get ready for the next series of races starting the end of March.

It was a good day for the Canadian men and Olympic qualifying. We are staying on track and Kyle and I are doing what's needed.

I am looking forward to the next block and taking my level up a notch from my best last year and putting myself in podium contention.

Thanks to Joel Filliol and TriCan for there support in getting us here in good condition and well prepared.

Thanks also to coach Lance Watson and open water swim coach Ron Jacks and my new wicked bike from Blue Comp Cycle, nutrition and hydration in the heat from PowerBar and quick shoes from Adidas Frontrunners WestShore. Still on the path!

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