Friday, January 6, 2012

Back in Maui

After being in Maui for a holiday in November I am back for business. Maui is such a great island for a holiday but I like it even more for training. It only took a couple of runs, one on the red dirt in the cane fields and one at my favourite 800m grass track at Baldwin Park to feel right at home. The first ride up the volcano and over to the winery on the far side also put a smile on my face. Staying with my friend Aaron and having Carolyn with me makes it all the more homey.

It is only a short 12 day camp to get some heat and speed in before my first race Jan 15 in Argentina. Though short it has still been a great decision to come back to prep. Good for the heart, body and soul, ahh what the warm sun can do!

Writing from the floor in the back of the van on the way home from swim practice in Kihei with Patrick. Morning 6k swim done, another 90min enjoyable ride to come! (Made more enjoyable by the new Axino SL and cycling kit care of Blue Comp Cycle) cheers!
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