Monday, October 31, 2011

Having coffee and bagel post swim at Paul's Pay and Take cafe/bar

After Pan Ams I headed straight up to Flagstaff, Arizona to get some altitude prep in for the Guatape World Cup. Guatape is at roughly 6200ft so training in Flag at 7000ft has been a perfect prep.

Having never been to Arizona to train, Simon put me in contact with local legend Paul Brinkman who takes care of all new comer triathletes to Flagstaff. Paul picked me up in Phoenix and gave me the tour through Sedona on the way up to Flag (including Sedona's inappropriate rock formation).

I then settled into my awesome homestay with Ryan just outside of town but next to the trail network. The training is so awesome up here. There are endless trails and runners to run with, a great six days a week masters swim group and fantastic safe riding. If I had a mountain or cross bike there would be endless riding as well.

Fellow ITUer's Gavin Noble and Jens Toft have been up here prepping as well as well as Torsten Abel getting ready for I'm Arizona; so lots of people to hang out and train with.

It has been great to train in a new place and meet a fantastic group of people guaranteeing I will be back.
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