Monday, September 19, 2011

I had a great Japanese Birthday!

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Leave it to Kim and Marilyn and chance to make for the Best Japanese
birthday ever!

Happened to bump into them as Kyle and I headed to an italian restaurant and
they decided to change quick and come. Went to the italian place which was
over $100 for a set meal so we passed on that. Kim mentioned she had seen a
place that looked ok a few blocks over in Chinatown in downtown Yokohama???
Anyways, went in and asked if they had an english menu and they said no but
could explain what they had. The chef in the kitchen in front of where we
sat explained his salads and pizza and pastas. The ladies got salads and a
pizza and he made Kyle and I our own spaghetti and meat sauce from scratch
with a custom pizza he made up as well.

They asked why we were there so we explained we were in Beijing, then Chiba
for training and now Yokohama for the triathlon.

At some point Kim or Marilyn talked to one of the staff and told them it was
my birthday and if they could put something together. Shortly after this a
couple and there son seated down the bar were chatting and then the son took
off out the door. He soon returned and the father brought over a bottle of
champagne and wished me a happy birthday.

So we had a champagne toast with everyone there in the small restaurant and
they sang me happy birthday as the chef brought out my cheesecake with
pineapple birthday cake.

So much fun and what a great cultural experience with the other family and
laughing and joking with the chef and staff.

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