Thursday, July 7, 2011

Training Done

After recovering from the three week trip for a few days coach Lance had right back into more aerobic base training as it three weeks of racing means very little training.  We had about two weeks to get some good mileage in as well as continuing to work on pushing threshold endurance.  We still have some building blocks to work through before I can really start cranking up the speed and high end threshold.  So the last two weeks have had a lot of run frequency, base and a few just below threshold over distance run workouts.  We did 11km of intervals on the track at 30min 10km pace and one 4x3km sub threshold/threshold workouts as my main chunks of hard work.


Swim mileage with Ron jumped back to 6km a workout for six workouts a week and bike base and some hill sets completed the training schedule.  Everything felt good despite fighting a cold through most of the training and the hay has now been put in the barn.  This past weekend was the last couple days of full mileage and we are now into rest mode and sharpening for this weekends World Cup in Edmonton.  Following Edmonton I head over to Hamburg for my first World Championships Series race of the year and first in 22months. 


It is always great to race in Canada and Edmonton had been a long standing event that we always did so it is great they are putting it back on after a couple year hiatus.  Hamburg has always been a fun course and I have raced it a number of times so I am looking forward to going back.


Here’s to being back on the circuit in full force.



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