Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mission accomplished

The whole goal of racing three weekends in a row all over the world was to get my ranking back up after an 18month hiatus due to injury. I need my ranking up so I can get into World Cups and World Championship Series events that get me qualified for the Olympics. I just got the email that I am on the startlist for the Edmonton World Cup July 10th and the Hamburg World Championships series event the following Saturday July 16th. Next on the list will be whether I get into the London World Championship series event on the Olympic course.

I am glad all the travel and racing paid off and look forward to the recovery and fitness gains from it.


Kamal Rae said...

nice work Brent! Glad you're back at it.

Kke said...

Congrats Brento, keep pushing mate!

Anonymous said...

well done :-))