Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blue Comp Bikes at IMC Expo

Review or my new AC1 SL

Blue AC1 SL Video Review

And a look and review of the soon to come AXION road bike.

Where in the world is Brent!

Short answer, at home!

Yes I am still alive and no I haven't retired or taken a year off though it may seem like it. Unfortunately it is looking like a year off but it is due to a nagging, persistent and tough to diagnose knee injury that has been plaguing me since January.

It started up at National Team camp in Maui at the end of January. It initially was the same or similar to the knee problem (pes bursitis) I had in the fall. However after several months of treatment and different therapies it has evolved or changed completely into something different and new. It has since been very difficult to discern what exactly the injury is, what caused it and what aggravates it the most.

After battling with it and doing several slow builds I have resigned to the fact I have a long term injury and need to just take it easy. I kept trying to find a way around it and stay training but nothing was doing any good.

So...I am hoping I can get to a race or two late fall but not planning on it. If it happens it happens, if not, I am ok with that.

I struggled with it at the beginning but have now accepted it and have been taking some personal time to spend with family, friends and my supportive sponsors PowerBar, Blue Comp Cycles and Lifesport. I was just at Ironman Canada checking it out, showing Blue Bikes off and chilling with the guys at PowerBar. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys!

So if you see me at a race I will be watching, helping out or doing the swim in a relay!