Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What happened to just running with the training group

After being off running and biking for almost a week waiting for my knee to get better and my virus to go away, I joined the training group for the warm up of their 4x8min interval workout.

As we started the warm up I looked around at all of my training partners (as it was fairly quiet and I was curious) I noticed that only myself and Kyle Jones were the only ones not having a cord dangling from our ear or ears hooked up to an ipod. (I like just the single one in as that is way cooler and I kinda felt like I was surrounded by secret service :) )

I am all for running with music but when you are training with a group I thought that was the purpose of having a group. Someone to chat to, joke with, draw energy from etc etc. I often wear my headphones when I am headed out for my 60-120min solo base runs but I almost never wear them when I am doing intervals and never when I am running with someone.

I figure if you need to have some sort of stimulus in order to get through the intervals or make it go by faster some other ways are A) focus internally B)focus on your external form C) use imagery of racing to do the same and then in the long run this will give you better tools to use while in a race.

Hmmm, food for thought.


idon said...


Mr. Waterman said...

Brent I agree, training with a group is for the social aspect and support. Not sure if the ITU is allowing iPods yet?

Good luck with your training!

Brad Cunningham said...

I remember showing up at Beaver Lake for my first ever run with the training centre squad and you, Mr. McMahon, a not-quite-out-of-the-teens triathlete, shamed me into putting my Walkman (yes, walkman with a cassette tape), back into my car. "We don't listen to music when we run as a group". I have never listened to music in a group workout since. However, I think if I were to show up tomorrow I would have my ipod on me as I would be so far behind it would definitely be a solo run for me.

Train well!