Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Social Experiment

After thinking on the last post I realized why I was so intrigued by this headphone phenomena. It is as a result of a conversation I had just a couple of days ago with a friend. He was telling me about the nice resort restaurant that he works at and how they have to set up the dining room and move stuff around and he would sweat through his nice work shirt(in Maui and all). So he decided he would do his set up in a different shirt that was nice but not a white button up collar. He then noticed the other staff started to do the same and then everyone was wearing whatever they wanted. It then started to look poorly on the resort so my friend decided since he started the trend he would bring it back up. So he started wearing a nice collared shirt to set up again and then shortly after, the rest of the staff followed suit and got back on board.

SO, I guess that is why I found it so interesting today with the headphones on the run, as I only remember one or two at the start and only for certain runs, but then I guess social tendency (I made that up, not sure if that is right??) gets the better of us and we follow suit. Who knows, if I hadn't missed so many workouts, I could have been wearing headphones too!


Hmmmmmm, food for thought.

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