Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As you can see, I figured out today how to upload videos from my new underwater camera. Might be some quirks to work out still, it took a while.

Social Experiment

After thinking on the last post I realized why I was so intrigued by this headphone phenomena. It is as a result of a conversation I had just a couple of days ago with a friend. He was telling me about the nice resort restaurant that he works at and how they have to set up the dining room and move stuff around and he would sweat through his nice work shirt(in Maui and all). So he decided he would do his set up in a different shirt that was nice but not a white button up collar. He then noticed the other staff started to do the same and then everyone was wearing whatever they wanted. It then started to look poorly on the resort so my friend decided since he started the trend he would bring it back up. So he started wearing a nice collared shirt to set up again and then shortly after, the rest of the staff followed suit and got back on board.

SO, I guess that is why I found it so interesting today with the headphones on the run, as I only remember one or two at the start and only for certain runs, but then I guess social tendency (I made that up, not sure if that is right??) gets the better of us and we follow suit. Who knows, if I hadn't missed so many workouts, I could have been wearing headphones too!


Hmmmmmm, food for thought.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What happened to just running with the training group

After being off running and biking for almost a week waiting for my knee to get better and my virus to go away, I joined the training group for the warm up of their 4x8min interval workout.

As we started the warm up I looked around at all of my training partners (as it was fairly quiet and I was curious) I noticed that only myself and Kyle Jones were the only ones not having a cord dangling from our ear or ears hooked up to an ipod. (I like just the single one in as that is way cooler and I kinda felt like I was surrounded by secret service :) )

I am all for running with music but when you are training with a group I thought that was the purpose of having a group. Someone to chat to, joke with, draw energy from etc etc. I often wear my headphones when I am headed out for my 60-120min solo base runs but I almost never wear them when I am doing intervals and never when I am running with someone.

I figure if you need to have some sort of stimulus in order to get through the intervals or make it go by faster some other ways are A) focus internally B)focus on your external form C) use imagery of racing to do the same and then in the long run this will give you better tools to use while in a race.

Hmmm, food for thought.

Under water still series of Simon and myself during 200m beach start in and outs

Still series

Maui Open Water 400's finish

This is from our interval open water swim session that we do on Thursdays. Saturdays we swim point to point past that crater in the background of this video.

Hydration and Nutrition

This is my "paired down" nutrition. There is so much out there to supplement with. I have tried lots of different things and a couple of new ones starting this Maui camp.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Water Running

That sound you hear at the end are the whales off in the distance. They are all around Maui this time of year.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2009 season over and time to look forward

After a disappointing fall as the result of a 4 week knee bursitis I have left the 2009 season behind and looking to have a great 2010. I managed to get over the bursitis in enough time to race Clearwater 70.3 worlds but not soon enough to get in good enough shape. So I had a great swim 4th, held on for the bike at the front end and then slowly faded on the run and struggled in outside of the top 20. Missing the Dallas Open and a shot at being Xterra World Champion was a tough pill to swallow.

Going forward I am now in Maui with the Senior Canadian National team to do a 3 week fitness building camp. I had a good solid off season leaving me a little out of shape but plenty of time to build into the season like last year. As I get older I hopefully am getting wiser and have started taking more conservative starts to the season with the plan of finishing strong right through the ITU season ending in September.

This year looks similar to last starting with defending my New Orleans 70.3 title and hopefully improving on my course record. Then I will head full steam into the ITU World Championship series starting with WCS Seoul.

The season in a nutshell:

New Orleans 70.3
WCS Seoul
WCS Madrid
ITU Des Moines
WCS Hamburg
WCS London
WCS Kitzbuhel??
Natoinal Champs Kelowna
WCS Grand Final Budapest
WC Tongyeong??
Xterra World Champs Maui??
WC Hualtulco??
70.3 World Champs Clearwater