Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Transformation has begun!

After a brief 5 day recovery after the ITU Grand final I started my transformation from all out speed to strength/speed for the fall races. Coach Watson started the process with a 4.5hr ride on the TT bike and a 2hr run. This was followed by more long rides, hill overgear work, mountain bike work, tempo runs off the bike, more base runs and less swimming. The first 9 days came to 550km's riding, 107km running and not a whole lotta swimmin!

The best and most challenging workout of the block was the 3hr trainer session with building wattage intervals and then a 1:05 run off with 5x8min fartlek at sub 1:10 half marathon pace.

I feel good coming out of this block and ready for the next 7 day block before heading to Dallas on the 9th for the final Lifetime Fitness triathlon.

I'll let you know if I crack!

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Vincent said...

that is some INTENSE mileage and intensity. Good luck with the next build before Dallas