Friday, September 11, 2009

Killing Time

The skill of killing time when you have a 3:15pm is quite key or else you will likely go insane. Luckily there is the internet albeit a little behind the times here in Australia. Simon and I have both repeatedly threatened to throw our computers off the 25th floor balcony as the connection is at best intermittent. I digress, after a week here on the Gold Coast killing time and doing the last prep workouts it is finally the day where we get to race.

My season has gone well so far and I am excited to race one last ITU race for the season. My run speed has hit a new level this year and I am eager to see if I can bring it up one more notch for the Grand Final.

I look forward to having a beer and a body surf after the race to round out the ITU season.

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Good job Brent. You had what looked like a really gutsy bike. And what a solid year. Congrats.