Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off to Hamburg

After a really nice 10 days of training in beautiful Kitzbuhel it is time to ship off to Hamburg for the last leg of our three week Euro tour.

I am starting to get my legs back after having some calf tightness post race but things are starting to feel snappy again. A good fartlek run today should have me firing on all cylinders by the weekend.

After a poor run here in Kitzbuhel I am motivated to get out and throw down a fast split this weekend. After this it is rest time and building till the Grand Final in September...so all or nothing!


Anonymous said...

Brent: In New Orleans you used an aerobottle up front along with the Speedfil. How did you like that set-up and why did you chose it? Do you plan on using that set-up for your future long races?

Brent said...

I really liked it and plan to use it again. I may modify it a bit but I use it because I can stay aero longer and I put carb drink in my Speedfil on the down tube and then water in the front mounted bottle. That way i can refill with either at the water stations and still have choice of water or carb. I take my gels with water so I always like to have that option. The more time you can spend aero the better so this works for me.

TL said...

Cool, thanks Brent and good luck with the rest of your season!