Monday, June 15, 2009

Madrid WCS Race

Figured I would give a quick run down of the second WCS (ITU world championships series) event I did this season. After a hard block of training after Tongyeong that I struggled through I was looking forward to the recovery going into the race. It was my first trip in a long time that I was the only Canadian going and to travel alone was quite weird. I made it there all by myself, being a new city and race for me, and went quickly to bed for a much needed rest. I arrived wednesday to allow myself some time to adjust to the time zone but that never happened as I alternated one night of sleep, one night with now sleep till I had to race and go back home.

The race itself was rather average but still a solid day and another step in the right direction for getting ready for the next run of races. I struggled through the swim expecially after getting pushed off the exit ramp and scrambling and cutting myself to get back on to start the second loop. But I ran hard of the 400m transition and chased for a couple of laps on the bike before catching the main back which was chasing the front group of 11 guys. I rode solid on the challenging course with a good climb and prepped for a solid run. I went out solid on the run but didn't have that top gear needed to head out with the leaders of my group but I built into it and quickly started bringing guys back in. I finished hard and with a sprint for 20th spot and was happy to have another WCS in the bag and headed home for some more recovery and a final ten day block of training before the next series of races.

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