Friday, June 26, 2009

Des Moines, IA World Cup Million Dollar Prize Money Race

Tomorrow I am racing at the Des Moines ITU world cup triathlon which has the largest prize purse in the history of triathlon with over 1million dollars split men and women with 200k going to the winners of each.

Coming off such a strong last weekend I hope to replicate the effort and have a better swim to start the race off. I feel totally recovered from last weekends effort and feel great and excited to race.

We follow this Saturday race with the World Team Triathlon Championships on Sunday. A fast recovery (well as much as possible) will be key after tomorrow's 3:30pm race start time in order to be fired up for this short and guaranteed to be painful although fun sprint race.

Running Tour of DC in Photos

All good tours start with coffee!

Off for our "recovery" tour run.

The White House, it isn't so big, it fits behind my head. Or is my head that big???

Me squishing ??George Washington's?? head at the US Treasury.

My try at being artistic with the Washington Monument.

Washington DC WCS Post Race

After a bit of a nightmare of a swim: dive in, goggles flip off, breast stroke, 10 strokes, goggle fills up, empty goggle, blow arms to pieces trying to catch up, just catch up to the back of the race when I run into one of many swaths of branches, leaves, logs, garbage etc in this dirty river we a swimming. Some of the swaths of junk were almost a foot deep, 15feet long and 5feet wide so you had to crawl to the outside and then continue swimming. I thought I was going to be last out of the water but I was only 10th from last :) I had my work cut out for me to get back in the race so I flew through transition and rode as hard as I could till I found myself settled into the main group which was 30sec behind a front back of 5. We maintained the gap for 4 laps until the chase came apart and the time doubled to 60sec in one lap. They put 30 more sec's or so in the final laps and I prepped myself for a fast run.

After my great run workouts with John Brown and doing 100m strides and sprints at the end of each workout I was confident that I could put down a solid run. I was out quickly near the front from transition 2 and put down a solid 1km to the first turnaround and found myself seconds back from the strongest runners in a group of 5 of my own. Myself and a Japanese athlete kept the pace on swapping turns and at about 3km we started reeling in guys from the lead group of our pack. The 5 man breakaway stayed out of touch from everyone so I focused on these guys just ahead. One of them was 2007 World Champ Daniel Unger of Germany who hung on to our group and even surged at 5km. I held strong and held pace to the last turnaround at 1.25km to go. I had felt good on this stretch the last three times so I decided to put in a surge and push the pace to take some sprint out of the groups legs knowing I had been practising my sprint. With 200m to go, Mark Fretta of the USA came around in full sprint so I started my kick but holding my final sprint till 80m to go when a Frenchman went and I was able to come over top of both he and Fretta leaving Unger and the Japanese behind and finishing in 12th.

I was super excited to see the results after that showed I had the 7th fastest run of the day and probably the fastest run of my career of 31:10. I was also pleased with my tactics in the sprint and my determination on the run.

I look to replicate the run and improve the swim at tomorrow's Des Moines, IA World Cup with over 1million dollars in prize money.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shhhhhhhh! Don't Tell Anyone

Going to be my new ride once the first run is released in a few weeks! Around the 14lb mark and stiff as anything with the BB30 bottom bracket and nice and aero too!

Nice work Blue!

Washington DC WCS

After doing my final hard workout of 4xhilly broadmead loop (28min) with 10min run at 3:03min/km pace off of it and then some long strides, I feel ready for the coming races. After two massages this week (Thanks Gibson and Kim), a few days rest to complete the training cycle and some tune up workouts, that is all I need now; oh, and a haircut! My fro is a bit warm now.

The whole uninjured national team is going to Washington so I won't be so lonely traveling this time. Should be a fun trip as I don't think anyone has been to DC before.

Got to pack and get to that haircut!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Next Series of Races and Season Schedule

Now that I have finished that final ten day block of training which had three key run speed workouts I feel much more prepared and ready for the next WCS events. I had done a couple of runs trying to keep up to one of the best marathoners in the world (who happens to live at the end of my street :) ) John Brown which was challenging but great for my speed and confidence. I now feel like I have the extra gear I need to put down a great 10k off the bike. My cycling has finally started to click after switching from Blue Triad TT bike to my Blue RC8 road and then to a Triad that I made in to a road bike which rocks! It took some position tweeking but I have got it organzied now and I feel strong. Lastly the swim will hopefully come together this week as I start to unload my legs into this weekends race.

I now head into a long block of racing before having an active recovery at the beginning of August. Here is what the rest of my season look like:

June 18 Travel to DC
June 21 Race Washington, DC WCS
June 22 Travel to Iowa
June 27 Race Des Moines, IA World Cup
June 28 Race Des Moines, IA World Team Championships (Team of 4 (2men 2women) all do a super sprint race on after the other girl/guy/girl/guy)
June 29 Travel back to Victoria

July 5 Travel to Austria
July 11 Race Kitzbuhel, Austria WCS
July 23 Travel to Germany
July 26 Race Hamburg, Germany WCS
July 27 Travel back to Victoria

Active Recovery

August 23 Race Kelowna, BC National Championships

September 3 Travel to Australia
September 13 Race Gold Coast, Australia WCS Grand Final
September 14 Travel back to Victoria

Active recovery

October 11 Dallas, TX Lifetime Fitness Open

October 20 Travel to Hawaii
October 25 Race Maui, HI Xterra World Championships
October 28 Travel back to Victoria

November 3 Travel to Florida
November 8 Race Clearwater, FL 70.3 World Championships
November 9 Put my feet up and call it a season!

Madrid WCS Race

Figured I would give a quick run down of the second WCS (ITU world championships series) event I did this season. After a hard block of training after Tongyeong that I struggled through I was looking forward to the recovery going into the race. It was my first trip in a long time that I was the only Canadian going and to travel alone was quite weird. I made it there all by myself, being a new city and race for me, and went quickly to bed for a much needed rest. I arrived wednesday to allow myself some time to adjust to the time zone but that never happened as I alternated one night of sleep, one night with now sleep till I had to race and go back home.

The race itself was rather average but still a solid day and another step in the right direction for getting ready for the next run of races. I struggled through the swim expecially after getting pushed off the exit ramp and scrambling and cutting myself to get back on to start the second loop. But I ran hard of the 400m transition and chased for a couple of laps on the bike before catching the main back which was chasing the front group of 11 guys. I rode solid on the challenging course with a good climb and prepped for a solid run. I went out solid on the run but didn't have that top gear needed to head out with the leaders of my group but I built into it and quickly started bringing guys back in. I finished hard and with a sprint for 20th spot and was happy to have another WCS in the bag and headed home for some more recovery and a final ten day block of training before the next series of races.