Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post Race Report - Tongyeong WCS

I didn't forget how hard and intense these ITU races were but man it is a kick in the pants! That said I prepared mentally as best as I could for that and I was fairly happy with how I got back in touch with that feeling of pain after 1o months off from it.

My swim was solid to start but as ITU goes I got pulled under 3/4 of the way to the first turn and had the "oh my gosh I am underneath 2 guys and I can't get up" panic moment but once surfacing and getting my breath back I worked my way up as best I could and focused on a fast transition and bridging to the front group just 20sec up the road. That took about half a lap and then I settled in and regrouped, ate some PowerGels, drank my Base Water and Salts and road conservative strong the rest of the ride. I had a good transition and headed out near the front of the massive pack and focused on the high turnover and intense speed of the ITU first km. I had strong and weak moments on the run but overall felt solid and challenged myself the whole way with a hard sprint at the finish to try and pick up one last spot to no avail.

I have been struggling to find my power on my Blue Comp Cycle RC8 ITU bike after having such great riding on my Blue Comp Cycle Triad TT bike. I have spent the last three weeks trying to adjust my position similar to my TT but haven't quite found the sweet spot yet. I still road strong but didn't feel comfortable and smooth doing. The fitness is in the legs I just need to tap into the power. I have been struggling with tight soas and back muscles as a result of the fidgeting with the bike which doesn't allow for good power transfer and tight breathing on the run. These are things that were hindering me a bit but things I can definately fix going forward.

It is good to be back at ITU but man I have to get used to bleeding from the ears again!

Back home through Seoul tomorrow where the whole Canadian team is going to do a tour on our 7hr layover before heading back to Victoria to log some higher intensity training.

Thanks Trican for having a great support team here, (Rob Hasegawa Chiro, Kurt Innes New HP Director and Phillipe Bertrand NT Coach) and the great funding for the event.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tongyeong, South Korea

Back in the wonderful city of Tongyeong for the fourth time in my career, I think. It all tends to blur together. After a long but fairly smooth trip over arriving Wednesday I have had a couple good nights sleep and some solid tune up workouts. I am excited for my first ITU race in 10 months. I have lots of strength from New Orleans and now it is time to test my speed!

You'll here from me after the race!