Saturday, April 18, 2009

Being Home

After being home now for about 10 days I am settling back into the training groove after being sick. I just went to Costco yesterday to stalk up on food in order to "fatten up" as I like to call it. After the first race of the season, being sick and adjusting timezones and eating schedule I dropped a few necessary pounds . So big meals and lots of snacks I will have my power and strength back and have a nice 10 day training block before I head to South Korea for the first World Championships ITU series race of the season. I am excited to bring back the speed after having such a strong showing in New Orleans. Here is an idea of what the rest of my season should look like. WCS-(ITU World Championship Series Event) WC-(ITU World Cup Event)

April 5 - New Orleans 70.3
May 3 - Tongyeong, South Korea WCS
May 31 - Madrid, Spain WCS
June 21 - Washington, DC WCS
June 28 - Des Moines, IA WC
July 18 - Minneapolis, MN Lifetime Fitness Tri
August 16 - London, England WCS
August 23 - Yokohama, Japan WCS
September 13 - Gold Coast, Australia ITU World Championships
September 26 - Ogden, UT Xterra US National Championships
October 11 - Dallas, TX Lifetime Fitness US Open
Octorber 25 - Maui, HI Xterra World Championships
November 14 - Clearwater, FL 70.3 World Championships

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