Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vegas Vacation!

Here are a few photos from my Vegas vacation last weekend. I had been to Vegas quite a few years ago for Interbike but haven't gone just to have fun and lose money. Oh yeah, I didn't win anything, but still fun!

My friend Aaron from Maui was passing through Vegas on his way home to Maui after Clearwater and I figured I would join him for 40hrs of fun. We made the most of it only sleeping 8-9hrs from Friday to Sunday and playing texas holdem till 9am the first night there. We also saw a couple of shows, The Real Deal and Cirque du Soleil Mystere, and had an awesome steak dinner at an Italian steak house in the Venetian.

It was a fun trip and nice to take in Vegas as a holiday.

Aaron getting excited!
Rolling into the trouble.
Aaron with his B.A. Mustang Fastback

Me like expensive wine in huge glasses :)
When I returned at 4am Sun morning after the 9am session the morning before!


BreeWee said...

Oh great times! You earned that one!!!!! AND company with Aaron...even more fun!

Enjoy your holidays and break!!

Brent said...

Thanks Bree, it was fun and I am recovered from it now.