Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You

I would like to thank my sponsors that have been awesome getting me the new gear I needed for the 70.3’s, Lifetime Races, Xterra’s and World Cups.

Firstly my new bike sponsor Blue Competition Cycles for all the wicked fast and light bikes for my indecisive nature! The Triad rocked the TT, the RC7 cranked up the hills and the CarbonXC flew through the dirt. The SRAM parts and Zipp wheels only made the bikes that much better too!

PowerBar, thanks for the all the nutrition and hydration to get me through the short, the long and the hard races. My favourite, the Strawberry Banana Caffeine gel got me through the low spots.

2XU, the wetsuit was fast and the race suit faster. I had the flexibility in the shoulders I needed and in the choice of race suits for any length of race.

Base Performance Nutrition, again, without proper hydration I can’t achieve what my body is capable of. Base water and electrolyte salts rule.

Oakley, thanks for my Canada coloured Radars for racing and training that look great and work better.

Most recently, SpeedFil for the new aero hydration system that worked awesome in Clearwater where I almost never had to get out of my aero position and stayed well hydrated.

And of course my local Victoria supporters Frontrunners, Riders Cycle, Rob Hasegawa, Gibson Brown, Kim Ward, Bill Fry (Pro City).

Lastly my family and friends for all the support and patience and finally my Coach of 12 years Lance Watson of LifeSport.

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