Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Off season oh off season!

What to do now?

After two very focused and dedicated intense years of trying to make the 2008 Olympic team and then a full season after not achieving that goal, it is time for a break.

I am looking forward to an active and very fun winter. I plan to stay in shape by doing all those things I love doing but have to avoid due to training and competing. This includes some mountain biking, cyclo cross riding, downhill and xc skiing at Big White, hiking, more trail running and pretty much anything else I can enjoy outside.

I have a fun trip to Vegas planned for my first weekend of the off season, so that should be a good place to start from.

I will keep you updated on the trouble I get into.

1 comment:

kerry said...

hey that picture is from my house! I remember that massive pancake.. and you and matt ate it all :)