Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LA Triathlon

With this being the fourth Lifetime race I was getting familiar with how the races play out but I was also getting a little detrained after 5 races in 10 weeks. Not able to do much interval work in between races I was losing intensity. I was also trying to build some base as I was doing Muskoka 70.3 the week following. Needless to say I was a little lacking in LA.

I was having a good swim but then got popped off the front group of 5 guys around the last turn. However, my years of playing in the waves in Australia paid off as I caught a wave and washed up just on the heals of Andy Potts and not quite close enough that I could give him a run for the Swim Prime. Oh well, next year. It was onto the bike in a good position but slowly faded from the front to 4th with Stuart Hayes right on my butt. We headed out onto the run close and he put a big surge in and gained a small gap and then held it to the finish so I came across in 5th.

An average day but not a bad day. It was all good though as I had an awesome homestay with Audra and we went for "the best burgers in LA" and a beer afterward. We also went to the ball park and picked up the last few innings of the Dodgers game.

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Deniel Hopkins said...

well interesting post...tris bug has also bitten me lately...though m still a newbie to this sport...