Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Corner Brook 70.3

I recovered fairly quickly after going to the hospital in New York (thank goodness for personal health insurance) with 3L of IV solution and then I it was off to Corner Brook Nfld. the next day. Corner Brook was my first crack at a 70.3 Half Ironman and I was excited and fit but a little behind the ball having not done any long rides on a TT bike. I received my new TT prototype bike from my new sponsor Blue Competition Cycles in New York so I could ride it in Nfld. I was very impressed as we had just finalized our partnership two weeks earlier. So with great bike under me I headed to a new game.

I had a great swim and was onto the bike first with one other athlete with over a 1min lead. I road strong but conservative until Craig Alexander caught up and he and I then pushed the pace at the front to open a 2min lead off the bike. My back got really tight and I had to keep standing and stretching and shifting around but I made to the end. I ran well for 10km toe to toe with Craig feeling comfortable but my knee hurting the whole time. With plenty more races to go in the season I decided to pull out after the first lap (10.5km) in second and save myself a long recovery. It was hard to do but I think it was the right decision as I recovered after 3 weeks.

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