Thursday, July 17, 2008

So Now What??

As a result of not qualifying for Beijing I needed to think long and hard and discuss with my coach where I was headed for the rest of the season. With no obligations from Triathlon Canada to fill other then racing at National Champs in Kelowna I could choose what I wanted to do. This was a freeing but daunting task as there are so many races out there I want to do. I still also need to maintain world rankings for carding and national team so there will be some more world cups this season still.

Lance Watson and I sat down and looked at my strengths as a triathlete and some of the other formats of racing out there. I have raced Xterra in the past and been successful but most of those were done now. So it was then onto the non dragting US races and 70.3's. Both suit my ability to ride hard and then run well off of it due to my bike strength. With the speed and power we have been training for worlds it made sense for me to do the Olympic Distance non drafting races in the US to start and then look at 70.3.

So the plan for the next little bit looks like this:

July 12 Lifetime Fitness Triathlon (Olympic Distance Non Drafting)
July 20 New York Triathon (Olympic Distance Non Drafting)
July 27 Corner Brook Nfld 70.3
August 17 Kelowna National Championships
August 24 Chicago Triathlon (Olympic Distance Non Drafting)
September 7 LA Triathlon (Olympic Distance Non Drafting)

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