Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The HAY is in the barn!

I have had my head down training and focusing on my final prep for World Championships and Olympic Qualification for four weeks now, and the Hay is in the barn. All the work is done and I am just absorbing it and resting. I have a few tune up and sharpening workouts in the next couple of days and that is it. My focus now is lots of sleep, eating well and taking care of my muscles. Come Sunday all I need to do is light the match!

After doing my first three run speed interval workouts over the last month I have really found my high end strength and threshold. Up until now I have just been racing and relying on some 3x3km run sets I had done through March. So with the consistent swimming, intervals on the bike and the 1k track repeats for the run, I am feeling the strongest I have ever been. I feel prepared and excited to race this weekend in Vancouver with all my friends and family being there.

Thank you to everyone for the support over this very trying and difficult season but everything is healed up and my mind and body is ready to put down a complete race for once!

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