Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hip Hop Violin - Paul Dateh and inka one

And for the hip hop crowd! I like the DJ Champion at the end.

Violin dude

Who said the Violin wasn't cool. These are wicked!

Tuning up and killing time!

Yesterday I made the long trip over from Victoria to Vancouver (no planes, trains and .... just a car ride and a boat) nice to not have to put the bike in a box for once. I came over on the 11am ferry so arrived at the hotel by 1:30 which was right at the race site where TriCanada nicely booked all the elite team in their own full suite for the next three days, Cheers TriCan! I then had a fun 2XU photo shoot by the beach at English bay with Paul and Kyle where I think we got more stupid photos then usable, sorry Dave! Hopefully there will be one.

Next it was off to the race briefing which the ITU has thankfully become efficient at (it is the same info at every world cup 16 times a year) and I was done all my planned activities by 4:30pm. So I went for a little walk and met up for dinner at the Macaroni Grill on Davie which was in the coolest Heritage house.

After dinner was a quick session with the master chiropractor Rob Hasegawa to get straightened out and talk about strategy for the potential cold weather. Then off to bed.

This morning was a group ride over the bike course with the race organizers and almost 150 elite athletes and then a little tempo session for me on the trainer in the room. I then did a little 7min tempo run out the hotel doors and onto the run course and cooled down with a short jog and some running drills. Then it was off to the Canadian Elite team meeting at 9am and now I sit here writing this.

I have a meeting with the Coach Lance Watson at 1pm and a swim on the course at 2pm. I will likely fit a few coffee hang out sessions in there too, plus killing some time on the computer checking out the Youtube video's such as this one. Who said Violin wasn't cool! Thanks for the entertainment Annabel.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Here is a photo from my first day of speed work on the track. What a great way to start, 3x800 then 6x400 in the poring rain! Oh well, it was cold but I still ran well all by myself, well, I had three coaches there!

The HAY is in the barn!

I have had my head down training and focusing on my final prep for World Championships and Olympic Qualification for four weeks now, and the Hay is in the barn. All the work is done and I am just absorbing it and resting. I have a few tune up and sharpening workouts in the next couple of days and that is it. My focus now is lots of sleep, eating well and taking care of my muscles. Come Sunday all I need to do is light the match!

After doing my first three run speed interval workouts over the last month I have really found my high end strength and threshold. Up until now I have just been racing and relying on some 3x3km run sets I had done through March. So with the consistent swimming, intervals on the bike and the 1k track repeats for the run, I am feeling the strongest I have ever been. I feel prepared and excited to race this weekend in Vancouver with all my friends and family being there.

Thank you to everyone for the support over this very trying and difficult season but everything is healed up and my mind and body is ready to put down a complete race for once!