Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh Dear!

I am in S Africa now after a very long hard trip. It took a horrible turn for the worse after we spent the day in Hong Kong with friends Dad. We had fun seeing Hong Kong (Lauren Kyle and I) but i got really tired by the end and then started to feel an upset stomach coming on. Once we got to the airport to check in, S African Airlines wouldn't let Kyle fly as he didn't have a whole page available in his passport for SA customs. So we took his box and the 3hrs early that we got there completely evaporated and we had to race to our gate, no lounge time other then some Asian food I felt disgusted eating. Closer to our flight at midnight things got even worse as I couldn't eat a thing and my stomach was killing me. Then shortly after taking off it was clear I had food poisoning likely from the Korean food we at at the airport the night before. I then spent the next 7hrs of the 13.5hr flight in the bathroom for stints up to 15mins. Everyone was asleep so at least there weren't people banging on the door. I basically threw up everything I had eaten during that day the first couple of times to the bathroom. I was then just getting dehyrated out the other end in between being curled up in agony in my seat. The frequency settled about 7hrs in to the flight to where it was once an hour or a little less so I caught a little bit of sleep after taking lots of Pepto.

I struggled through the rest of the very long journey here to Richards Bay which was a 1hr flight from Johburg to Durban and then a 2hr bus ride. I am now contending with a fever and I am beyond the point of tiredness.

Hopefully I will feel a little better tomorrow.

PS. A bit more on Korea but I am too tired to write more:
Korea was cold and a boring pack ride where no one worked and then I just didn't have the speed for the start of the run. I came good about 4-5km in and flet strong the rest of the way. I am hoping the shock of the run start is now settled into my legs and I am better prepared for this weekend.

Things will hopefully turn around in the next day or two.

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Anonymous said...

we're thinking of you and trust that you'll catch a break soon - love jean and john