Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Travel Outline

So this is what an epic World Cup ciruit journey looks like from a travel point of view. Firstly it consists of numerous hours of planning and plotting training and racing plans with coach Lance Watson at Lifesport. That is then followed by roughly twice as much time booking plane tickets with Robb Brockman at Carlson Wagonlit Travel in Kelowna. Thanks the two of you by the way for the numerous dedicated hours.

Once you have a plan for the air travel you then need to make countless changes and alterations to somehow get the ticket to cost less then 10,000 dollars requiring a small loan. Once tweaked and adjusted you arrive at a final itinerary that boggles the mind and only runs up a $5200 credit card charge. Only half the loan needed now :) This is what epic travel looks like:

Next comes the accomodation and ground transportation in each and everyone of the 7 places I am travelling too. Thankfully I have awesome friends and support that make this much easier. Aaron Altura is the man for Maui as I have a special spot on the floor with a mattress pad with my name on it. He then has a car available for Chris Lieto and I to bomb around in and scrub the wheel wells off on the way home from Hana. (another story for another time) He also knows and ends up taking us out to all the best places in Maui to eat and shop. Not so much shopping this time.
Once in Noosa, legend friend Neil Larkin steps up with my bedroom with queen bed and fresh sheets for me to flop down on after 26hrs of travel. In addition to having a room and big screen tv, computer, jumbo fridge he has a resident Massage therapist and school trained chef that also lives with him. Hmmm....would this not be the perfect place to live and train.......yep it is! Oh yeah, he also has a scooter and a truck that I can choose from to use.

So the first parts of my trip (training camps) work out very well and are pretty well set up. The hard part of the job is the training and travelling to the races. Four races in five weekends all across Australasia is a lot of flying and racing in a short amount of time. Once I arrive home it will be for a nice long period of recovery and then building for the next block of races.
I have the best friends that are so helpful and caring! You guys rock!

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