Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Maui Training

So this year seems to be setting a few records. Earlier in the year I set a record training hours as well as record swim miles. So I guess it would make sense (if you are a twisted pro triathlete) to try and set records in the other disciplines as well. So while at the Maui camp I managed to ride almost 1000km in 12 days and did my longest workout every at 7hrs as well as single longest ride.

The 7hr workout was a longer version of a workout I did a couple of years ago to build bike strength with some transition running. This year the workout was stepped up a couple of hours. The prescribed workout was a 5:30hr ride with the last 2:30hr climbing up Haleakala Volcano with a 30min run off the bike continuing up the volcano further. There was then the option to ride (fair bit of coasting through corners) back down the 32kms to sealevel.

The ride consisted in total, of more than 10,000feet of climbing with about 6000ft all in the last 2:30hrs of riding up to 7500ft. On the way down from 7500ft we road through a nice rain storm and some rather chilly weather only to finish at 32 degree celcius at sea level with armwarmers and vest on!

This was a fun workout and my cycling has taken a jump as a result of the last two weeks of high mileage with climbing and timetrialing components.

We also had a really fun ride run transition workout where we road 3:30hrs down past Hana and then finished back at the State Park where the Bamboo forest is. We then ran up to the forest and the huge water fall that feeds the numerous pools all along the trail. Chris Lieto had both his digital video and still cameras so we were able to capture a lot of the fun and some entertainment. I will post the video on youtube for all to enjoy!

There was plenty of open water swimming done including a couple of hard 15x2min all out with 1min rest in the choppy water. I had a couple of fun pool sets of 30x100yds on 1:15,1:10, and 1:05 and another workout longcourse 50m of 1500m pull/paddles descend by 500 for a 17:50 total followed by 15x100 on 1:20 averaging 1:10 and 11's.

My calve injury that I have been struggling with since Pan Am Games in July of last year has finally settled and I was able to build frequency and length of runs to 6 runs and a 1:25hr base run in one week.

So all in all, swimming is strong, cycling is up, and running is back again. This next three week block here in Noosa is now dedicated to strong fast swimming and speed on the run with some anaerobic cycling and power climbing.

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BreeWee said...

Maui pictures look like a blast... Kim is checking them out and said she has awesome memories of the camp. Get Toby to massage you... ewwww he is good!
See ya at the pool or track tomorrow!