Sunday, February 10, 2008

Big Weeks of Training

After having a bit of a recovery week I have the energy again to post up the two weeks that tired me out. I spent the first weeks of January getting back into things and then the last two weeks were some of the biggest hours and mileage in the pool in my career. I hadn't been running due to a nagging calf injury so I was only doing walk runs and smaller aerobic runs or else my hours would have been more which is hard to imagine. I am glad they weren't. I mainly focused on building aerobic riding and swim mileage and strength in the gym. The week of January 21-27 was a reasonable 26hrs of training with 31,000m of swimming. That week was followed by 30hrs of training with 45,000m of swimming a record for me.

I have since recovered I think? And I am starting to run more and will build up the hours and mileage of everything again over the next three weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brent,thanks for sharing your training, it's really good to see what you Pro's actually do. All that swimming, no wounder your a fish. Hope your calf gets better soon. All the best,
from Brent Fan.

Marcos Apene do Amaral-AçaíTri said...

Hi, good to have some of your big training weeks to look at and study a little bit. Would really like to read what conclusions and wich results have you found after doig it so! Thans, Marcos Apene do Amaral